Your WHY!

Your ‘Why’

It’s 08.45 am. You grab a coffee and turn on your desktop only to find your email account has been hacked, your latest product launch has taken a nosedive and the only new comments on your blog are from bots.

FACT –  you will face challenges in business.  Whether you’re just starting out like me – or even if you are a seasoned online entrepreneur,  it helps to have some strategies up your sleeve to avoid stalling out, get you back up in the saddle and riding victoriously into the sunset to fight another day.

One of the strategies I’d like to explore this week is defining  your ‘WHY’….  and why knowing your ‘WHY’ will help you to cut through those challenging times.

When I’m feeling mild irritation or frustration when working on my business, it’s usually because I’m taking score of where I am and I’m feeling annoyed that I’m not further along than I currently am.   To put it another way, I want something different from what I’ve got and that causes me to feel tense in my body and mind. 

When I’m in this mode, the answers to my questions I’m asking can be a looong time in coming – even though the answers could be staring right at me. 

It’s as if my brain goes into a frustrated knot and any help that is offered to me simply won’t get through.

This is the time when you need to:

  1. STOP

  2. Take a few deep breaths

  3. Remind yourself of ‘WHY’.

What do I mean by your ‘WHY’?  

As you are well aware, starting an online business isn’t as simple as pushing a couple of buttons and watching the money roll in. There is always going to be some degree of challenge.

For sure, if you are new to affiliate marketing, there will always be things that you don’t know and new things that you have to learn and new paths you need to venture down that you’ve never walked before.

But it’s in those moments where we feel challenged, that it’s critically important to have a deep understanding of  

  • WHY you decided to put yourself among the small minority of the population who dare to create a life on their own terms
  • WHY you decided to choose the road less travelled to success
  • WHY you decided to be your own boss despite the numerous hurdles you will inevitably face

If you ask most people why they want to run an online business, their primary motivation would be MONEY. 

Nothing wrong with that!
Money is extremely useful and more of it makes life flow easily. Who wouldn’t want that???

But what does that money represent?
What experiences will that money create? Whilst money is essential to create the lifestyle that you want, just focusing solely on attaining money won’t keep the procrastination gremlins at bay. 

When challenges arise during your working day and you find yourself deleting old emails, unloading the dishwasher or doing any other non-essential task that takes you away from sitting in front of your computer and working on your business,  having a deep and clear understanding of WHY you want more in life will enable you to push forward and overcome them.

How to find your ‘why’ 

It was whilst reading my copy of the Iceberg Effect that my mentor Dean Holland introduced me to the concept of finding my ‘why’.  In it, Dean presents the idea that once you discover your deep-seated why, you will unlock your ability to succeed and fulfil your dreams.
To get there, you must know the core reasons why you are choosing to take this path.

In order to find your ‘why’, Dean suggests doing an exercise where you keep asking yourself ‘why’ until there is no answer left to give.

Each time you ask yourself ‘why’, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion until you are left with the answer at the very core.

This answer represents your central need – your core raison d’être that drives all your decisions and actions.




I’m going to share my answers with you so that you get an idea of how this process works. 



Because I want to earn a lot of money on my own terms.

WHY [Layer 2]

Because I like having more freedom and choices that more money will bring and I’d like to work in a more independent and flexible way . 

WHY [Layer 3]

Because I like the idea of working  in a highly efficient and smart way and I like the idea of  running  a business that has the potential of earning me a lot of money consistently for life. 

WHY [Layer 4]
Because I like the idea of being able to have the financial means to do as we like.  

WHY [Layer 5]
Because it would be fun to learn mastery of Dean Holland’s marketing system and apply it to other products.

WHY [Layer 6]

For the fun of witnessing Dean’s system work when applied to other products.  What a blast that would be! 
AND… So that I can spend more time with my family, enjoying fun times with my husband and kids, travelling, and creating  things (homes, films, art projects) that we are passionate about.

WHY [Layer 7]

Because time is a resource that you can never get back, and as my children grow, and as we continue to live, I’d like us to spend more time with them – experiencing the full, happy, exciting and adventurous life we want AND have the means to DO IT.

I also want to have more time to spend making films, docs and other satisfying content that resonates with my audience. 

WHY [Layer 8]

Because I’d like to show myself that anything is possible- and I can BE or DO or have ANYTHING with the right mindset

WHY [Layer 9]

Because mastering my mind by having the right mindset will give me peace of mind… contentment – even before I make my first penny with this programme.  If I can master my mind, I’ll find true happiness – and satisfaction – and the strength to push through when things get challenging.

WHY [Layer 10]

Because I would make my late Dad proud.  He was very successful in his life.  He always told me that I could be or do or have anything and that I should aim high. 
I want to do this for him too.

 – Sherman Orlando Allen

That’s it.  I had 10 layers to my onion.  I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t easy getting to the root of why I’m here.   I did feel a bit uncomfortable and vulnerable exposing certain layers on the way to my core but I found myself.  Once you’ve completed this exercise, you’ll have created a touchstone that will serve to anchor your focus back to success whenever challenges arise.  I continue to reap tremendous value from doing this exercise and I hope that you do too.


Over To You

Why did you choose to start an online business? What is your deep-seated ‘why’?

How do you cope with challenges when they arise when building your business? Do you ever procrastinate? What tips can you offer to beat procrastination paralysis? 

Please let me know by leaving a comment in the post.  Also feel free to share this post on your social media feed if you found it to be of value.

Hope you’re enjoying the festive season so far!  


Best wishes,


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