The Power of Choice

Happy New Year!!!


It’s been a couple of  weeks since my last post. 

Why the delay? 

I had planned to write a blog brimming with festive cheer and hope for a brand new year but sadly my plans were upended by festive frenzy, emergency lockdowns and funerals.

Within the last 6 weeks, a dear friend and three family members sadly lost their lives.  

I tend not to wear my heart on my sleeve or saddle anyone or you with my problems – especially not during the festive season when I had two children eagerly hoping they’d earned enough brownie points to be on Santa’s ‘nice’ list.
However, some things just fell through the net – my blog being one of them – and for that I extend my heartfelt apologies.

A sad reality of living through a pandemic is that a lot of people will experience the loss of a loved one.  This experience of loss – especially losing a number of loved ones in quick succession, reminded me that unfortunate and unexpected challenges can and DO happen, completely upending our world as we currently know it.   

What matters more than living through the chaos of a global pandemic or the sadness of grief, is recognising that we always have a choice about how we respond to our outer circumstances.  

That’s why this week I wanted to talk to you about choice… and the power of exercising your personal choice.  If used wisely, your choices can and will create a life most can only dream of. 


You Decide

It’s not always obvious that we have a choice.  It wasn’t for me.  Especially not in the beginning when you’re deep in the underbelly of depression (yes, I’ve been there!), feeling low-level anxiety or just a bit blue.  Regardless of the cause of your negative emotions, it’s hard to feel around for a lifeline when your feelings are raw… but in time, it becomes possible. I know because I’ve been there. I got to the point where I was simply tired of feeling bad. All I wanted was to feel some slight relief.  Bit by bit, things got easier until now, here I find myself writing these words to you and feeling a whole lot better.  

As I mentioned in my previous post about the benefits of a positive mindset, our lives and our personalities are a reflection of the dominant thoughts we think. We have a choice about how we perceive every situation that happens to us. 



Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” 

William Shakespeare


New Year New You

So here we now stand, at the start of a brand new year looking ahead at the months that lie before us.  This is traditionally a time when most resolve to improve their lives and set new goals.

So what does this mean for you and your business? What would you like your life to look like in 12 months time? What does your bank balance look like? What choices will you make and what action will you take to allow the things you want?  

My recent experience of loss has reminded me that despite the unpredictability of life, I always have a choice as to how I react to life as it comes.  My choices – moment by moment – that will determine my level of success.

I can continue choosing bad-feeling thoughts, or I could choose a thought that allows me to feel some relief – and so can you.

The power is in your hands. Every decision you make from here on out will shape your future in one way or another.  To that end, I’ve a little surprise for you 🙂

With the help of my mentor Dean Holland, I’ve written a report that exposes the myths around making money online – including the so-called ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes – and how to avoid then.  

It also explains how you can start making money online NOW as an affiliate, in today’s economy, even if you are just starting out and have no products to sell. 

If you are new to affiliate marketing and would like to learn how to get started, then this free report is for you.

Even if you’re a more experienced internet marketer and are curious about exploring other potential revenue streams, then this report may hold some value for you too. Either way, it’s completely free. 

Just click the link in the sidebar to download your free copy.  


The Choice is Yours

Rise up… or stay down. The choice really is yours.  And that my friend is ultimate power.

12 months from now your entire lifestyle could positively shift in a new direction.

If you want to clear debts, you can do that. 

If you want to replace your day job, you can do that.

If you want to scale your full time income to a far bigger and more profitable one, you can do that. 

These are my goals and by taking the action of joining Internet Profits as a certified partner and building my business, I am well on my way to achieving them. 

So with that said… welcome to a new year full of potential ready for you to unlock. I couldn’t be happier to be with you on this journey. 

All that’s left is for you to make a decision and declare if you will make 2021 YOUR YEAR

I know I am, no matter what life throws at me. 


Who’s with me??????!


Over To You

So what are you goals for your business and your life in 2021?  Where would you like to be in 12 months time?  What choices will you make for you and your business? 
I’d love to hear your thoughts and any advice you have on how to persevere and make the right choices – even in unsettling times. 


If you have any questions or comments about anything I’ve written, please submit them in the form below.   

Until next week!


4 thoughts on “The Power of Choice”

  1. Hi Jules,

    What a heart warming blog post. I’m so sorry for your losses during this crazy Covid time.

    What you are doing is great. You have a mentor who is an amazing man. Blogging is difficult enough and one needs a “coach” to get up and going quickly. It is so much better than trial and error.

    I also do affiliate marketing along side with making my own digital products. Its a heck of a lot of fun. As long as you are having fun doing what you do, you will be successful.


    1. Hello Donna!

      I’m really happy that you came to visit my blog! Your words mean a lot. Yes, I am enjoying the journey. There is a lot to learn and I do get frustrated at times, but I have to remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. This is the most exciting bit – meeting people like you. Thank you!


  2. Hi Jules,
    There are several goals for2021, but my main objective is to take my business to the next heights and live on my terms. However, deciding your goals is one thing, while keeping and working t accomplish them is another puzzle. So the best way as I did is to create a planner for your goals. It helps you keep track and reach to aims.

    1. Hello Moss!
      So glad to see you here! You seem to be very successful and established in your business. I wonder – what do you define as your next heights? I was just talking with Dean – my mentor this morning about prioritising and planning – as sometimes I do drop a plate or two. Do you have any apps to plan your goals and schedule your time so you stay on point?

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