Mind Your Business!

Mind Your Business!

Mindfulness as a practice has been steadily gaining popularity across the globe over the last few months. It’s not surprising given the current level of upheaval many are experiencing courtesy of Covid-19.  

My late father was a pentecostal Bishop and I was raised within a religious home so I’ve always been aware of the mind, body, spirit or soul connection and the importance of maintaining balance in all three areas for one’s personal wellbeing.

It was while completing the Internet Profits Partner Certification that my mentor, Dean Holland introduced me to the concept of applying a positive mindset to business – specifically my online affiliate marketing business. 

There was one particular statement that really resonated with me within the training.  Dean said:

In order to achieve the success that you want,

you must first BE the kind of person who is CAPABLE OF attaining that SUCCESS.


This week I’ll be exploring how your mindset – how you typically think – plays a vital role in determining  the success or failure in business.

Picture this – You’ve got a BIG special birthday coming up.  You’re keen to get all your friends and family together.  You’ve booked a table at your favourite restaurant for dinner and dancing.  Now you’re now ringing your friends to confirm numbers.

You pick up the phone to call Friend A
[SFX: Mobile Phone Rings] –
Brinnng brinng!!…. Brinng.. brinng!!

Friend A: “Did someone say party?  I’ll tell you what, I earned a big bonus this month.  How about I start a tab for you behind the bar – part of your birthday present!  See you there!

You pick up the phone to call Friend B
[SFX: Mobile Phone Rings] –
Brinnng brinng!!…. Brinng.. brinng!!
Friend B: “I’d love to come but I’m a bit skint at the moment, can you lend me a bit of cash to cover the meal?  I know I still owe you from last time but I promise I’ll pay you back at the end of the month!

[SFX: Mobile Phone Rings] – Brinnng brinng!!…. Brinng.. brinng!!
Friend C: “I wouldn’t miss your party for the world!  I’ve just been laid off so I’m having to be a bit frugal at the moment…. but heck – I’ll find a way to come and dine with you.  Wild horses wouldn’t stop me from celebrating you! Add me to the list!

Two Types of Mindset

There are two types of mindset, a fixed mindset and a growth mindset

A  person with a “fixed mindset” thinks that their basic qualities –  their intelligence, talent and character – are fixed and cannot change.    


A person with a growth mindset welcomes a challenge and believes that these qualities can be honed and developed over time.   

Out of the above three friends – Friend A, Friend B or Friend C – which one do you think has a fixed mindset?  

Which one has a growth mindset? 

Which one are you?

I’d be curious to know your answers in the comments below.  

So what does all this have to do with running a successful online business?

Your Mindset IS Your Business

As you know I am an Internet Profits Certified Partner.  As an Internet Profits Partner, I and all the other members of the Internet Profit Partner team have access to exactly the same tools, funnels, products and training that has made Dean Holland – CEO of internet profits, a multi-millionaire.  Dean has introduced me to his time-tested strategy for running a successful online business as an affiliate in this current economy. I’m really looking forward to emulating his success.

YET – the reality is : 

There are people who are not yet making any money in their business.

There are people who have made 3 figures.

There are people who have made 4 figures.

There are people who have made 5 figures.

There are people who have made 6 figures.

There are people who have made 7 and 8 figures.

Why is that? 

I joined the Internet Profits Partner programme because I want to be counted among those partners who are making tens of thousands of dollars a month…  and also because I know that this level of achievement make my late Father proud.
There are many factors that will determine my success such as consistently taking action and applying Dean’s tried and tested marketing strategy.  
There is however, one underlying factor influencing any action that I take and will ultimately make the difference between success and failure – my MINDSET. 

The good news is, I don’t have to wait till I’m a millionaire to feel the benefit of having a millionaire or growth mindset. I can have it NOW and you can too. 

How Do You Cultivate a Growth Mindset?  

We all experience a range of negative emotions from time to time when running our online business.


Certainly when starting out or even if you’ve been running your business for some time, there will be moments where FEAR turns up like an uninvited guest to your party.


Fear makes you doubt your ability, undermines your self-worth or even worse can paralyse you into inaction.

Be Your Own Best Coach. 

My late Dad and I used to watch a lot of films together ever since I was a little girl.  One of the films I watched with him that I still love to this day is Rocky Balboa – played by Sylvester Stallone.  If you’ve never seen Rocky – You MUST WATCH IT!!!  It’s pretty old, but worth a watch.

Rocky is a film about an underdog boxer’s fight to become a boxing champion. 

Rocky Balboa’s manager, Mickey Goldmill plays a huge part in the success of Rocky’s boxing career. Mickey always knew that Rocky had the fighting ability to make it to the top and he encouraged him to push beyond his perceived limitations.  

When things aren’t going the way you’ve planned you can be your own coach and use fearful moments as an opportunity for positive ‘growth mindset’ self-talk. 

Just this week, I’ve felt frustrated because I couldn’t work out how to create a lead magnet from scratch.  Yes really!! I told you .. I’m just starting out!  Baby steps 🙂

I’m lucky to have such an excellent support system at Internet Profits, where if I’m stuck with any aspect of my business, I can raise a support ticket which is usually responded to within 24 hours with a comprehensive answer – so it’s not like I’m a solo cork bobbing on a raging sea.  I felt frustrated  about having to ask for help. 

When I feel afraid I tend to run away from the thing that is scaring me and sometimes I don’t go back to that thing for a day or two.  

I used to berate myself with negative inner dialogue.  I’d say things like,Why haven’t you learned this yet?“,  “Come on, get a move on!“, “Why is it taking  you so long to get it?”  

Nowadays, I’ve become my own Mickey Goldmill, but I’ve adopted a softer, more progressive attitude towards myself. 

I’ll say things like:


“So, here we are again.  Another challenge … I hate being here but.. it could be another opportunity to learn.  I don’t know that answer now, but I know the answer exists.. I just can’t see it now.”
The answer always comes sooner or later…  I have a feeling that if I relax I’ll have a better chance of allowing the answer.  I can take my time with this.  What’s the rush anyway?”

“I’m a partner for life and this is a life-long business that will support me for life.  Dean has given me everything I need and I have the potential to be as successful as he is. I’m sure he had stresses and struggles.. in fact he did.  I know he did.. and look where he is now.”

“I reckon if I just go easy on myself and when I’m ready, apply consistent action just as Dean’s laid out – success is sure to come eventually.”

What I know for sure is that cultivating a positive mindset is a work in progress… it’s never done and needs to be maintained.
Since I’ve met Dean, he’s learned to help me see that my reaction to a fearful thought or a fearful situation could make the difference between success and failure. Every time you choose a more positive response, it will get easier and easier to do it next time until it becomes a habit.  You can choose to go down a rabbit hole or negative self talk (and we all know how that feels!) – OR – you could be your own best coach and speak soft, kind words of encouragement to your beautiful, successful self. 

Consider Your Typical Day:

What do you do before bedtime?

What time do you go to bed?

How much sleep do you get ? (8 hours is recommended)

Do you eat breakfast? 

What are you feeding your body?

Are you drinking enough water everyday ?

Do you have an opportunity for any exercise?

Do you have appointments scheduled?  If so, are you often late or on time?

What do you do when you’re at the computer?
With the right help and support, you can build a very profitable online business in 1 to 3 hours of work a day.

How are you scheduling your time?  Do you know what you’re doing in the time that you have?  Do you have a plan or do you prefer to freestyle your ‘to-do’ list?

There are no wrong answers to this. The answers just give you an indication of your current state of mind which can be changed if you want it to.  If you are earning the amount you want in your business and feeling generally content with your life, then keep doing what you’re doing.
If you are feeling anything less than happy with your current level of income and general level of contentment, then completing this exercise might shine a light on areas in your life that could be adjusted.
I completed the above exercise with Dean and answered the above questions to find out what my current attitude was to my own life.  I can sometimes be late to things, and I know the thought process I entertain that leads to tardiness.  After doing this exercise, I made a point of planning my day and setting an alarm so that I could arrive at appointments on time or early.  It’s such a small adjustment but it made me feel so much better in myself because I took control, made different choices and changed the outcome for the better.  

In Conclusion

No conversion tactic or traffic strategy can beat developing a winning attitude and mindset.  Whilst you might not be able to get a million dollars in your bank TODAY, you can certainly develop a millionaire ‘growth’ mindset TODAY that will create better habits and set you on a good feeling path to the success you’re looking for.

Over To You

Your attitude and the mindset in which you approach your entire life is a reflection of your current life situation.  What type of mindset do you have?  What is your dominant mood or attitude to your business?  How do you deal with fear when it arises?
If you are satisfied with your life and are happy with the success of your business, please share your tips for success.  I’d love to hear and learn from you.  

Please feel free to leave a comment in the post.  Also feel free to share this post on your social media feed if you feel so inclined.

I wish you a warm and Merry Christmas wherever you are in the world.  


Warm wishes,


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